Thank You for supporting 100% sustainable seafood during these very uncertain times for our industry and our bay area fishing fleet. We've put together a list of great fresh and frozen seafood options for your home, the same ones used by the bay areas top chefs and restaurants! We offer free local delivery for orders over 100!

Wild Sturgeon Caviar
Wild Sturgeon Caviar
Wild Sturgeon Caviar

Wild Sturgeon Caviar

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What you’re getting:

Wild Sturgeon Caviar
Scaphirhynchus platorynchus
Previously blast frozen 4-ounce glass jar.

Procured by local fishermen and hand processed by Clay and Christel Young
Traceable Location: Paris, Tennessee

Key Information:
In 2018 we had the pleasure of traveling to Tennessee and meeting a family that, collectively, has been in the fish and caviar business for over 70 years.  Clay was kind enough to take us out on his boat to give us a first-hand look into the fishery.  With his lovely wife Christel, the couple hand process the Hackleback eggs, a skill passed down by Christel's father Ken, using only the finest salt in their state of the art facility in Paris Tennessee.  As we watched the eggs turn into world-class caviar, it was immediately clear that a collaboration between their family and ours was inevitable.   And so, X-Caviar was born.

What you’re *NOT* getting:
Most commercial caviar companies use farmed sturgeon to produce their roe.  Conventionally farmed fish feeds contain: traces of heavy metals, PCB's and plastics, artificial dyes, GMO corn/soy/wheat, chicken byproducts, hormones/antibiotics. These products are not only terrible for us, but for the environment as well.

*Products are shipped frozen and arrive fresh and ready to serve!

Tasting Notes:
Hackleback Caviar, also known as Sturgeon caviar, has a dark gray, almost black color and a medium sized pearl. The flavor is unique with an intense nutty, buttery taste, which is similar to the Osetra and Sevruga caviar from the Caspian Sea.