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Mcfarland Springs Trout

Not all farmed fish are alike and none meet the high standards we set for McFarland Springs Trout

Frustrated by the lack of honesty and traceability in the supply chain, Our goal is to alter the way seafood is farmed, caught, and handled from fishery to plate

From the people
From the people

"Bi-Rite Market has partnered with Kenny and team from what seems like the very beginning of Two X Sea.  We count on them for impeccably sourced and  amazing, delicious products. For years Kenny's commitment to sustainability, care for his customers, and his products has inspired both our staff and our guests."  

Chili Montes - Bi-Rite Market Meat & Seafood Manager
From the people

"15 years and counting...that's how long my relationship with Kenny and his team at TwoXSea has been going strong.  Through thoughtful sourcing and committed partnerships within the fishing community, TwoXSea continues to educate people like me while respecting and protecting our marine environment.   I trust what I am getting from TwoXSea, and I proudly support their business and their mission"

Brian Leitner - Chef at Pearl Petaluma
From the people

TwoXSea always has the best fish  Their fresh McFarland Springs trout is amazing!  I also love their Ikura Salmon Roe and McFarland Springs Trout Hot Dogs.  I keep their Sashimi Grade Albacore Loin and peeled and deveined shrimp in my freezer.  Depending on the season, I have also purchased fresh Ahi, Spot Prawns and Rockfish.

Ordering from TwoXSea is efficient and easy, and their delivery is exemplary.

I highly recommend!

Wendy Coblentz - TwoXSea Home Delivery Customer