Sashimi Grade Albacore Loin

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What you’re getting:

Sashimi Grade Albacore Tuna Loin
Thunnus alalunga
Previously blast frozen loin, skin off, bone out, ready to eat

Fishing Vessel: Sunset Charge
Traceable Location: Illwaco, OR
Catch Method: Troll

Key Information:
Sashimi Grade is a statement that we don't take lightly.  Known as "shiro maguro" in sushi, this fish is best served raw. These albacore were caught with hook and line, brought on board alive, bled, and then blast frozen to temperatures as cold as -40 degrees within minutes. While frozen, these fish were cut with a band saw into perfect loins (no blood line, no skin, pure excellence) and vacuum sealed.  This produces a quality of product that is second to none.

What you’re *NOT* getting:
Due to the high global demand for tuna, many fish on the market have been mislabeled and claim to be something they are not. At TwoXSea we are committed to traceability, guaranteeing that you always get exactly what you ordered and no “look-a-likes”. No long-line bycatch.

Tasting Notes:
Albacore has a lovely mild flavor and firm texture that is very versatile!

*Products are shipped frozen and arrive fresh and ready to serve!

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