Captain Marc Schmidt

Captain Marc Schmidt


Fisherman:  Marc Schmidt

Age:  38

Home port:  Eureka , CA but both boats are on trailers and I regularly fish ports from Monterey to Crescent City and at times even as far as south as San Diego.

Targeted Species: Salmon, Lingcod, Blackcod, and various Rockfish species

"Vessel Name: Scrimshaw – is a twenty five foot Steiger Craft Miami 255 DV built in 2008 on Long Island in NY.   I bought it in MD in 2013 and had it shipped out here and I started fishing it in 2014.  It is mainly a charter boat but I also run commercial lingcod trips and will fish other open access species like white seabass, CA halibut, tuna, yellowtail, ect on it in between charters.

 For lingcod and black rockfish, I prefer jigging with lures catching them one by one on rod and reel.

 I started fishing on the ocean with my dad at 4 years old out of Santa Cruz, CA.  That was my home-port until I moved to Eureka in 2001.

 What I love most about fishing is that you see so much on the water that most people can't even imagine and you never know what the day will bring.

 For lingcod, rockfish, and most other species I cut their gills and let them bleed in ocean water then transfer them to slush holds and after they are chilled completely I dry pack them on ice or just drain off the water and the ice dry packs around them if I have caught my quota for the day

 Blackcod go into fish totes and get flake ice layered on them as they come onboard as do my rockfish

 I fish small but fast boats that are trailer-able. I can trailer to the next port to get in on the next weather window when some bigger boats cannot get there by water due to weather.  Also, as a small, fast boat operation, I usually only day fish and do not do many multiday trips so the catch is the freshest possible.

 Being I do not crab in the winter I am a general contractor doing mostly residential and commercial remodels and additions around Humboldt County until it is time for boat work and getting back to fishing in the spring through fall - eat fish and be happy!" - Marc Schmidt


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