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Captain Harrison Ibach


 Captain Name: Harrison Ibach

-Age: 35

-Home Port: Eureka, CA

-Vessel: The F/V Oceana is a 41 x 13 ft classic wood combination troller/crabber that was built in 1974 in California

-Species: Dungeness Crab, California King Salmon, Sablefish, Lingcod and Rockfish

-Fishing Methods: Trap, hook and line, and bottom setline.

"I started commercial fishing in 2006 at the age of 23 in an 18 foot boat with a buddy after I got out of college.  Coming from a sport fishing background we started with rod and reel and then adopted other techniques. As time went on we had bought a little bigger boats and taught ourselves new styles to target different species.

What I love most about fishing are the fish and continuously trying to improve on techniques to catch them. Ever since I was a child I have always been fascinated with fish and fishing.  Growing up that is all I ever wanted to do. I like the challenge of adopting new methods to target specific species. There are so many different ways to catch them and all of them can constantly be revised.

I personally love seafood so I always try and treat all of the fish I catch like they're coming home to my table. Everything gets bled immediately and put on ice shortly there after. I really prefer to keep the catch in slush ice. I think it makes for a real quality product." - Captain Harrison Ibach