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Yamaki Kappo Shirodashi Versatile Dashi Base- 500ml

Yamaki Kappo Shirodashi Versatile Dashi Base- 500ml

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Yamaki Shiro Dashi is made with bonito stock base and adds aroma, saltiness and umami to any dish!

You can use shiro dashi for many kinds of dishes like cooking rice, pasta, vegetables, fish and meat.

Just dilute it with water by adding the following ratio of dashi to water:

  • For soups: 1:9 ratio of dashi to water.
  • For noodle soups (Udon, soba, etc.): ratio 1:7
  • For simmering vegetables and other ingredients: 1:6~8
  • For Cooking Dashi flavoured rice: Mix 50ml of dashi with 300g of rice and add the quantity of water that you normally need for cooking that much rice.
  • You can also use it for cooking many other dishes