Thank You for supporting 100% sustainable seafood during these very uncertain times for our industry and our bay area fishing fleet. We've put together a list of great fresh and frozen seafood options for your home, the same ones used by the bay areas top chefs and restaurants! We offer free local delivery for orders over 100!

White Shrimp, Head-on 9/12 count (1lb)
White Shrimp, Head-on 9/12 count (1lb)

White Shrimp, Head-on 9/12 count (1lb)

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What you're getting:

1lb Head-on White Shrimp (9/12 count)

(Litopenaeus vannameion)  IQF fresh frozen, ready to cook, peel and eat 

Fishing Vessel: Anna Marie

Traceable Location: Montegut, LA 
Catch Method: Mid-water Trawls with TED's

Key Information:

Head-on wild shrimp from captain Lance Nacio, Anna Marie Shrimp is building a legacy where tradition meets innovation. The result is leadership which will improve fishing practices, freshness standards, and wildlife sustainability. We believe our efforts will directly help to ensure that Louisiana shrimp will thrive for the next generations of fishermen.  

What you’re *NOT* getting: Imported or Farmed Shrimp that destroys mangroves in central america and has the potential to damage communites and ecosystems.

*Products are shipped frozen and arrive fresh and ready to cook!