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Local Black Cod* Fresh! 1# Fillet

Local Black Cod* Fresh! 1# Fillet

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What you're getting:

Anoplopoma fimbria
Previously blast frozen fillet, skin on, bone out, pan ready

Caught by Captain: Harrison Ibach
Fishing Vessel: Oceana
Traceable Location: Morse Bay
Catch Method: Bottom Setline

Key Information:
Blackcod, also known as Sablefish, or Butterfish, are a ground fish with dark gray or black skin on their upper body and lighter gray on the belly.  They live in depths exceeding 650 feet and as deep as 9800 feet.  They average around 4 to 8 pounds but can weigh up to 40.  Blackcod are nomadic with juveniles known to travel over 2000 miles in six or seven years.

What you’re *NOT* getting:
Conventional fishing methods for Blackcod and other groundfish include trawl fishing, in which huge nets pulled by boats are dragged across the bottom of the ocean, scooping up everything in their path. The targeted species are kept and sold and the bycatch are discarded. TwoXSea will never buy or sell fish caught by trawl boats.

Tasting Notes:
Due to its high fat content Blackcod is richly flavored and has a velvety texture (hence the nickname, "Butterfish").  The flesh is white with large, delicate flakes. Best of all, Blackcod contains as much Omega 3 fatty acids as Wild Salmon!

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