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California Rockfish

California Rockfish

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What you're getting:

California Rockfish
Sebastes melanops
Frozen fillet, skin on, bone out, pan ready

Caught by Captain: Steve Fits
Fishing Vessel: Mr Morgan
Traceable Location: Half Moon Bay, CA
Catch Method: Scottish Seine

 Key Information:
The California Rock Fish is among the most common rock fish species that TwoXSea sources.  These rock fish are considered a nearshore species which are faster growing, and shorter lived, making them less susceptible to over-fishing.  

What you’re *NOT* getting:
Conventional fishing methods for rock fish and other groundfish include trawl fishing, in which huge nets are pulled by boats are dragged across the bottom of the ocean, scooping up everything in their path. The targeted species are kept and sold and the bycatch are discarded. TwoXSea will never buy or sell fish caught by trawl boats.

Tasting Notes:
Rock fish are lean and have a mild, sweet flavor with a nutty accent.  The flesh has a medium-firm texture and medium size flakes.


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