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Wild, Invasive Tilapia
Wild, Invasive Tilapia
Wild, Invasive Tilapia

Wild, Invasive Tilapia

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What you’re getting:

Wild Tilapia
Oreochromis aureus
Previously blast frozen fillet, skin off, bone out, pan ready

Caught by Fishermen: Joey Mann and Ray Williams
Traceable Location: Fresh Waters of Central Florida
Catch Method: Cast-Net

Key Information:
This fish is WildInvasiveDestructive, and happens to be DELICIOUS!

At TwoXSea we pride ourselves on answering the call to not just save our oceans, but ALL bodies of water. Invasive species, such as Tilapia, wreak havoc on natural species and their habitat because they grow very fast and eat everything in their path, leaving nothing for native fish and wildlife. To address this problem head on, we are working with a local, family owned company that has been fishing and marketing Invasive Florida Tilapia since the early 1960’s. The more fish we can take out of the waters the better!  

Eating invasive species like these fish is a win-win for the environment and the epitome of a sustainable fishery.

What you’re *NOT* getting:
This is NOT the conventionally farmedimported, nasty Tilapia that you are familiar with.  Conventionally farmed fish are often raised outside the US in overcrowded, muddy pens and are fed an unbalanced diet that includes hormones and antibiotics. Our wild tilapia swim free in fresh water and eat a natural diet!

Tasting Notes:
Tilapia has become popular fish because of its low price and mild, sweet taste. It has a firm and flaky texture and is easy to prepare! 

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